Commitment and Accountability, from every employee, to every client


SecTek selects its officers for the long term.  Our officers are career-minded professionals dedicated to protecting your interests.  SecTek is unique in that it is an Employee-Owned Company.  Each officer shares in the success of the company, bringing a higher level of commitment to our clients.


SecTek offers unparalleled transparency.  Officer inspections, penetration simulations, and training are all tracked electronically and delivered immediately to the client as they occur.  Information you have always wanted is now at your fingertips - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Second-to-None In-House-Only Training Programs

At SecTek, we take pride in the quality services that we provide. For this reason, SecTek has an in-house Training Academy in order to continually monitor training needs and requirements. Our officers must pass an unusually selective screening process; complete our demanding, proprietary, hands-on training program; and receive on-going training for continuous contract improvement.

SecTek’s Training Academy incorporates multiple training techniques which overlap content for additional reinforcement of job skills; recognize individual learning styles; simulate both typical and non-typical scenarios; and emphasize the importance of projecting your professional image. Our training techniques include:

  • Computer-based Training
  • On-the-job Training
  • Performance-based Training
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Real-life Scenario Simulation


VA License ID #: 88-1350

CA PPO License #: 13618

SecTek is licensed by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.

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